About Us

Vimal Steel Forge, incorporated in the year 2009, is a company founded on solid goals, beliefs and values. As we embark on the journey to becoming the preferred global suppliers of Forgings, we follow a single minded goal of excelling in everything we do. The Company has production capacity 350 MT per month. We Engaged in the manufacturing of Ring Rolling Components like
  • Forged and machined autoparts
  • Seamless Ring
  • S. S. Forged rings for metal gasket
  • Hardened bushes and ground bushes
  • Forged Ring
  • Hydraulic Jack Nut
  • SS components
  • Bearing Races
  • Fully Finished Components
  • CNC Components
  • Bush
  • Submersible pump parts
  • All other type of round jobs

Which is used in industries like bearing, automotive, pipe fittings, railway, earth moving, aerospace industries. Since Inception of company it is remained our proud tradition to give quality-packed product. We believe in innovative approach, Dedicated to achieve the topmost level of efficiency, excellence blending with quality of product. To Achieve this we keep Eagle eye- watch on right from procuring of raw materials to Ring Forging process ,Heat Treatment And Timely Delivery of products. A Sophisticated manufacturing facility, coupled with technological superiority and a skilled workforce ensure that we deliver end-to-end solutions that meet with customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance activities for the manufacturer of all the product our plant are closely Co-ordinated at following stage :

  • Incoming Inspection of Raw Material : All the material to the company from different sources has to undergo the inspection any testing as per inspection plan before it goes to stores. Raw material incoming from the approved steel mills are kept in the Raw material yard and 100% visual examination is done. Chemical, metallurgical physical testing is also carried out as per customer requirement. After approval of the material in the laboratory, color code given to each and every bar as per grade. Physical testing e.g. tensile test, Impact test, macro etching is also carried out. Metallurgical testing of the material e.g. Inclusion rating, Grain Flow, Microstructure is also carried out.
  • Stage-wise Inspection Control (Die / Cutting / Forging / Heat-treatment / Machining)
  • Process Inspection is carried out at every stage of production at different stages e.g. Die Shop, Cutting Shop, Forging Shop, Heat Treatment Shop & Machining Shop.
  • Die Shop : Dies are inspected thoroughly before run production and reports are kept in file for reference.
  • Cutting Shop : All the cut pieces are checked for the required cut weight as per parts requirement.
  • Forge Shop : Forging inspection is carried out as define in control plan of parts. Temperature in furnace is controlled by the temperature controlled provided with each and every. Dimensional inspection is done as per forging drawing & control plan of parts. 100% visual hot inspection is done for forged parts specified requirement in control plan and SPC chart is made to assess the effectiveness of the process.
  • Heat Treatment : We can do spheroidize annealing, special annealing, normalizing & Isothermal annealing of the steel forged parts. Personals responsible for the process under direct supervision of qualified metallurgies and experienced chemist and skilled workers are working as per the work instruction and inspection plan. Certain pieces are selected from each lot of parts passing through the process of heat treatment and are tested to confirm the hardness, microstructure, grain size, inclusion ratings of the lot as per need of the customer.
  • Machining Shop : Fully machined parts in process inspection are carried out as per machining drawing or customer drawing at machine. All required measuring instrument & work instruction display near working area in machining shop.
  • Final Inspection : Final Inspection is carried out with respect to final machining drawing or customer specified drawing and control plan (Dimensional & Metallurgical) of parts.

We Continuously research to in-prove our manufacturing process, engineering and quality systems initiatives such as ISO 9001:2008 ensure that Vimal Steel Forge a technical capability remains at a leading edge